Seattle Garden Homes
Houses and Condos in Seattle with the most beautiful, exotic, and unique gardens.
Seattle Garden Houses
seattle garden houses
Seattle House with view and garden

houses in seattle with gardens
 Seattle garden yard behind house
Seattle house gardens cover a wide range of styles.  It has become very popular recently to grow a green food garden, with organic herbs, garden vegetables, and other food sources at home that might not be available from your local grocery store.

Other gardens in Seattle are shade gardens, usually tree-lined patios or yards, with play spaces for children or large decks off the house for entertaining.

Another popular style of garden is more attuned to the Seattle weather, with an emphasis on enjoying the sun as much as possible.  Smaller shrubs, bright flowers, and bright green foliage create a bright atmosphere to wipe away the gray Seattle winters and get out of the house as much as possible.

seattle house garden

Garden House in Seattle